SCHOOL BUS TRANSPORTATION REGULATIONS

                                                      AND CODE OF BEHAVIOR FOR STUDENTS


The regulations and code of behavior are in effect for all students riding buses of the Groton Public Schools to and from the Groton Schools and all other schools and field trips to which the Groton Board of Education provides school bus transportation.


1.             The bus is an extension of the school and it is expected that proper school behavior will prevail.
         REMEMBER: Distracting the driver in any way is to endanger the bus and its passengers.


2.             The driver is in full charge.  His or her instructions are to be obeyed.


3.             For your own safety and comfort you must abide by the following:


          Be on time.  Buses must meet a schedule.


          Respect the property of others at all times including property at and
            around the bus stop.


          As the bus approaches, form a single line and stand still.  Do not move toward
            the bus.  Wait until it stops.


          Stay in one line.  Moving out to form a second line shows a lack of consideration
             for others and it is dangerous.


          Enter the bus in an orderly manner - no crowding or pushing.


          Remain seated while the bus is in motion.  Do not interfere with other passengers.


          The carrying of weapons, or any object that may be used as a weapon, on the bus
            is prohibited by state law.


          Quiet conversation is encouraged.  Do not distract the driver by loud talk or shouting.


          Do not offend pedestrians or passengers in other vehicles by shouting or gesturing.


          Nothing is to be thrown within the bus or out of its windows.


          Appropriate language is to be used at all times.


          No smoking.  No lighting matches or lighters.  This is the law.


          Get on or off the bus at a regular stop.  Do not request special consideration.


          Students and their parents will be held responsible for malicious damage to the bus.


          Students and parents are invited to discuss any bus problems with
            the school principal.


4.             Riding the bus is a privilege.  You retain this privilege by adhering strictly to the Code.
         Violation may result in suspension from the bus.