Time is flying by! Our students continue to work hard on their reading, writing, and math skills.  We are looking forward to celebrating the 100th day of school, Hibernation Day and Valentine’s Day with our friends! Our next field trip will be to the Police Station, please keep an eye out for the permission slip!

In Fundations, we are finishing up our uppercase letters and beginning Unit 3. In Unit 3, students will continue to learn how to blend and read three-sound words. These CVC words begin with any consonant and we will practice changing the initial, final and medial sounds to create new words. We will also practice blending some non-words such as “bez” for decoding mastery. In this unit, students will also listen for the vowel sound in words to distinguish between the long and short vowel sounds. Students will continue to work on retelling stories. We will learn about narrative story structure which will be a perfect connection to our Writers Workshop unit!

In Language Arts, we continue to work on our reading and writing skills.  Please continue to read to your child (or have your child read to you with their Guided Reading homework) 15-20 minutes each night. Our thematic unit focuses on animals and their habitats. This will be a nice extension on our hibernation study that just ended.  In this unit, children will read and write about where animals live. We will also practice making predictions while we read and study story structure to help us become better readers.

In Writers Workshop our unit is called “Writing for Readers”. Students will be learning to write stories that people can really read. We will make checklists to help our stories be more powerful and learn how to write true stories that readers are excited to read. It has been so wonderful to watch the students become such amazing story tellers and writers!

We have also moved ahead in our math investigations. We will be building upon children’s knowledge of numbers 1 through 10. Children learn to see one ten in every teen number. They continue working with 5-groups and making connections to their own lives through telling and acting out addition and subtraction stories. We will also learn the symbols for equal and not equal and begin writing equations. We will continue to sort attribute blocks showing different shapes, sizes, and colors to make repeating patterns.

In Science we will continue to explore the changing seasons, how animals adapt to these changes and where animals live.

Thank you for your continued support at home. It is greatly appreciated! Have a lovely February.