Reading/Writing:  In Reader’s Workshop we are finishing up the “Reading to Learn” unit. We read a variety of nonfiction texts. Reader’s response focused on summarizing and cross-text synthesis. The next unit is “Character Studies” in which we will analyze character traits and how a character changes throughout the story.  In writing we have been learning how to write a persuasive speech.  Students are also typing their persuasive speech.

Math: In February, we will be completing the Measurement unit. This unit focused on four Big Ideas: (1) tell and write time to the nearest minute, (2) measure and estimate length, liquid volume, weight, and mass of objects, (3) draw a pictograph, bar graph, and line plot, and (4) solve real world problems involving intervals of time, liquid volume, weight, mass, and information from a graph. Later in the month we will begin to study Multidigit Addition and Subtraction. The unit focuses on understanding place value and rounding, addition and subtraction strategies, including grouping to add, and ungrouping to subtract. Thank you for your support in helping your child practice math facts. 

Social Studies: In social studies we are studying the history of Connecticut beginning with its earliest inhabitants. Students will be completing a research project on a famous Connecticut person.

Thank you for your support! 

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