The New Year is off to a great start in fourth grade!  We have been enjoying non-fiction stories and taking notes about important information.  The students continue to work on writing an informational piece about a topic they feel they are an expert.  We are preparing to write an informational piece about a person or an event leading up to the start of the Revolutionary War.

Our next area of study in Reading will be about the American Revolution.  We have been reading aloud to the class about the events leading up to the Revolution.  Feel free to check out some great books at your local library to support your child in this area of study.

Our Math lessons have been challenging.  We have just finished a unit on multistep word problems, factors and multiples, prime and composite numbers and patterns.

Solving word problems can be done accurately by reading and understanding the problem, making a plan, underlining important information needed to solve the problem, writing out a label for the answer, writing the equation and double checking the work to see if it makes sense.

Math fact review and rehearsal are very important for success in Math.  Daily practice will yield huge benefits in Math Masters.  We look forward to seeing you at the next Math Masters celebration.  We have started Unit 5 which is a measurement unit of both metric and standard units of measure.

Your daily support with homework is greatly appreciated.  Please do not sign off in the Agenda Book if your child has not done their homework. 

Thanks so much for your support.

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