Hello! As we enter February our year is already more than half way over! Our students have been working hard to understand fractions of a number and relating them to decimals. Students have been working hard on the ability to multiply a fraction by a fraction resulting in a smaller fraction. Although this sounds abstract it can be illustrated by taking a slice of pizza (one eighth) and cutting it in half (one eighth times one half equals one sixteenth). Enjoy finding parts of a part as your child continues to develop their understanding of numbers larger than zero but smaller than one.

Students have been working tirelessly while creating a research based argument essay. This allowed students to become activists for change by addressing a problem in their lives. Students have focused on making a claim about a topic and then proving it with evidence found in the world around them.

This month we will introduce our 5th grade science fair. The fair is designed to have students investigate something in their lives they want to know more about. This could be as simple as what happens to a potato left in the sun compared to a potato left in the shade or which type of sled will travel down a hill faster. We are fostering the student's ability to inquire about a problem and look for changes over time. Students will complete sections of the project throughout February so If you have any questions about your investigation or topic please reach out!

Lastly with Valentine's Day approaching please be sure that if your child decided to bring Valentines to school that they have enough for the whole class. We hope you and your child have enjoyed 5th grade so far this year and please let us know if there is anything you need; we are in this together.

Thanks for your continued support throughout this successful year.

Mr. Sabilia    dsabilia@groton.k12.ct.us 

Ms. Popp         spopp@groton.k12.ct.us